Kelli LiMone

 Your mocha dream. 

Bridging the sensually seductive motions of burlesque with the mind blowing metaphors of Virginia's slammin poets. Lyrics Revealed gives you a night when the poetry comes alive and the dancing breathes endless floetic tales. 

Lyrics Revealed premiered at The Lair during National Poetry Month
Here are photos and videos from the sensually beautiful evening.

 Please click photo to view the video & artist name for another.

Photos were taking by Scott Yates & video by Silver Persinger

Megan Rickman & Kelli LiMone Performing "Dear Unrequited"

Deanna Danger Performing "Birds of Paradise" 

The Muse Performing "Committing Love"

Roscoe Burnems Performing "3 Way"

Breeze "I Life This" the Poet Performing : "Die For You"

Megan Rickman Performing "Fight Club"

Kelli LiMone performing "Ah"